Inauguration Ceremony of PIM MBA 5th Intake in UAE

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The Inauguration ceremony of the 5th  MBA batch in UAE of Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM)  of Sri Jayewardenepura University (SJPU)  was held recently at Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Dubai on the 09th  March 2017.

The event was participated by the students of the new batch, section of Current MBA students, Executive Committee and Members of Post Graduate Institute of Management Alumni of UAE (PIMA-UAE) and distinguished invitees. The Chief Guest of the event was the Hon Counsel General Of Dubai & Northern Emirates Mr. Charitha Yattogoda presided by the Director of PIM & Chairman of the Board of Directors of PIM, Professor Ajantha Dharmasiri. The Facilitators of this occasion;  PIMA –UAE,  had invited the majority of Professional, Educational & Social Associations in UAE, and also, the Presidents of leading Past Pupil Associations operating in Dubai. There was a participation of over sixty persons for this event which considered as one of the most successful events conducted by PIMA-UAE in the recent past.

The event had been inaugurated by lighting the traditional oil lamp followed by playing the National anthems of both countries, a minute silence in honour of national & fallen Heroes & dear once who were close to PIM & PIMA UAE and the Anthem of PIM. The current President of PIMA-UAE, Deepal Rajaguru delivered the welcome speech and thanked the invitees for accepting the invitation to attend the event. The Master of Ceremony, Alumnus Suresh Gunathilaka conducted the proceedings by inviting The Inspirational speaker & past President of PIMA-UAE, Parakrama Munaweera, followed by the Patron of PIMA-UAE, The Director of PIM & the Chairman of the board, Professor Ajantha Dharmasiri who made the audience spellbound with their oratory skills.

Inspirational Video about PIM (Sri Lanka) highlighting the quality of education it delivers with endorsements from top Sri Lanka  Corporate Leaders who hold MBA’s  & Doctorates from PIM broadcasted during the event captured the maximum attention of the audience.

The Video was complemented by the following speech of the Chief Guest, Hon. Counsel General of Sri Lanka, who emphasized the importance of Postgraduate Degree Holders’ knowledge to take our beloved motherland forward.

The Vice President of PIMA-UAE, Kusal Nanayakkara delivered the Vote of Thanks which concluded the event and the first module of studies for the new batch commenced immediately after the inauguration ceremony.

The Following Professional, Social, Academic & past Pupil Associations took part in the Event, & PIMA –UAE wishes to thank them for their participation.

  1. Institution of Incorporated Engineers – UAE ( IIESL –UAE)
  2. Sri Lanka Business Council in Dubai – SLBC (Dubai)
  3. The Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka – UAE – ( CA-SL , UAE)
  4. Sri Lanka Cultural Education Centre , Dubai ( Dahampasala)
  5. Sri Lanka Welfare Association-UAE ( SAHANA)
  6. Kingswood College Old Boys Association
  7. St. Josephs College Old Boys Association
  8. Sri Sumangala College Old Boys Association
  9. Visakha Vidyalaya Old Girls Association
  10. Zahira College ( Maradana) Old Boys Association
  11. Richmond College Old Boys Association
  12. Old Royalists in UAE
  13. D.S Senanayake Vidyalaya Old Boys Association
  14.  Ananda College Old Boys Association
  15. Nalanda College Old Boys Association
  16. Dharmapala College Old Boys Association
  17. Maliyadeva College Old Boys Association
  18. Dharmaraja College Old Boys Association
  19. St Anthony’s ( Katugasthota) College Old Boys Association
  20. Dharmashoka College Old Boys Association
  21. Rahula College Old Boys Association