School bag donation to Walamitiyawa Primary School ,Galewela

PIMA-UAE coordinated  in arranging much needed school bags and essential school items to 45 deserving primary school children of the Walamitiyawa Primary School in Galewela with the help of charity organization  Foundation of Goodness. Foundation of Goodness is a charitable organization which became famous for its outstanding efforts in rebuilding the lives of children who lost their parents during the 1995 Tsunami debacle at Seenegama Village  , Galle. Today, it had expanded its charity drive  for under-privileged kids in the outskirts of Sri Lanka. One of their donation drives focuses on School bags and other essential stationary items. This donation is held every year. For the year 2015, PIMA-UAE teamed up with Foundation of Goodness to donate 45 school bags to children of our model school Walamitiyawa Primary School in Galewela.

Representatives of Foundation of Goodness visited the School on the 7th January , 2016, to donate school bags to the deserving children on behalf of PIMA-UAE.

PIMA-UAE extends its gratitude to Founder of Foundation of Goodness, Mr Kushil Gunasekera, his project  team lead by Mr Ananda Jayawardena,  and Mr George Hettiarachchi of Sahana, Dubai for incorporating our request to involve our model school in year 2015 charity drive.  PIMA-UAE also wish to thank the Principle , Mr Sunil Dahanayake and his staff, parents  and children of Walamitiyawa Primary School in Galewela

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