Sinhala & Tamil New Year -2016

PIMA-UAE celebrated the Sinhala and Tamil new year on the 22nd of April 2016 at Barracuda Beach Resort. It was very well organized and well attended by PIMA-UAE Members. More than 60 people including members, families and friends participated in the event.

The event started with lighting the traditional oil lamp followed by opening the traditional food table. A mouthwatering array of delicious Awurudu sweets were arranged by members of the PIMA-UAE.

Kids and adults were then entertained to various number of traditional games. All kids enjoyed a wonderful mix of transitional games including “Kana Mutiya Bideema”, “Goni Race”, “Kiri Kaweema” etc.

In the evening winners of the event were presented with beautiful gifts. A fabulous dinner was ready as soon the prices were distributed.

PIMA-UAE thank all who participated in that event.

Selected few pictures are added below. Please click here to view more pictures


Special thanks goes to Chamil Mendis for his wonderful pictures an volunteering to capture those precious momenets on the camera.